I have lied (sort-of) about my past couple of weeks. I have done really nothing special except come, do morning spawn, wait for 12:00 to eat, then clean just to go to afternoon spawn to leave. MONOTONY SUCKS!!!!!!

Birthday Crazies! (and other randomness)

Hallo! This week was completely nuts for me, even for my standards. First was the Winter Break, plus the extra break extension. Over the break I experienced a new level of Cabin Fever (which my brother doesn’t think exist), and a gift that removes the vocal chords for a moment and makes the brain lose it’s dictionary. I got the laptop that I am currently writing this blog on. And my family came together to fledge out the specs required to operate this beautiful piece and best of all, it runs Steam. This may not seem like a big whoop but most laptops fail miserably at running downloadable games. Minecraft is about it. I was so exited to arrive on the first day back that I hyped too much and couldn’t sleep and didn’t come. The second day (Tuesday), I came in all ready to show off my new computer, and I found that Javiar a.k.a. “Harry Potter” (known as by the other older members). It was a blast to be with him for a day. Then came Wednsday. I went to a train show in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Only, it wasn’t a model train show. It was clickbait to get people to come see what you could build with plant parts. I was catfished!! I hate being faked into complete opposites. Then came Thursday. I went to the Prospect Park Ice Skating Rink, But could not fumble so I unfortunately rage quit. I shouldn’t have but it was out of fear. I got embarrassed. Then came today. Today I gamed and messed around. Oh and on Tuesday Javiar helped list my Fallout 4 idea.


——— Spino Saurus

Santa’s Little Helper + Upcoming Holiday Concerns

Well… This sucks. Today is the end of the last day until the holiday break. This scares me to death. I have never been good with the holidays and have been getting “better” at not turning into a total anxiety overload. *inhales*. *exhales*. I also have been doing myself and others some extra good in the past month, counting the delivery of 100lbs. of LEGO’s, bringing in snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies (requesting subconsciously some luck that Sterling wasn’t in today for fear of nut contamination) and giving my assistance to a fellow New Yorker in getting his extra-large bag that required another person to help get the bag down the dangerous subway stairs into the terminal for the 4,5, and 6 and I guess got karma and got the 4.


———Spino Saurus

Snow And Silence + Shenanigans (Plus My New Kindness)

Well this is new. This week was filled with experiences. Earlier in the week I slid (the supposed past tense of sled) for realzies on a real hill. Demian beat us all by getting the farthes down the hill (Mel got close to passing Demian’s final on her first go (about a sleds distance apart)) joined by Even. Today was a gift to me because even though I suck at fractions (minor *help* there) I would say at least 95% of everyone went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi (copywrited) and the sound of a good 0 decibles was AMAZING. No having to dodge screaming kids. No having to feel very uncomfortable because I can’t find a place to be alone. And yesterday I made a slightly painful hole in my foot that kind of jellied the skin and flesh under the skin while breaking the skin without it bleeding. That was fun. Not hurting at all. (I was being sarcastic on the last part). I fed my Grandma yesterday and found a new pizza slice during a formal-informal pizza dinner. I also shared some kindness with the remnants that didn’t go to the movie.


——– Spino Saurus

Thanksgiving Undertaking Complete!!!!!

Ho-ly crap. 5 days of strait cooking and learning how to “cheat” in cooking. My fatigue didn’t help at all (though it barely did any damage) and my hard grandma put some stress on me during this grind. I made a coconut custard, chcocolate creme, green beans (that would make your eyes pop), whipped cream, and a ham. I had fun with a turnip. By fun I meant I got to fight with one. I also had fun with the turkey. Refused to defrost for 2 days and 3 nights. A pan and counter did the trick. I also stuffed the bird. I am smiling. It was fun. I basted and pretty much had Thanksgiving Day as a day off. Good food and good people made the experience. The whole time I had to deal with an antsy dog. Cooking for 5 days strait changed my body temperature so that I can stand cold longer.

———– Spino Saurus

Sleepy McDatemisser

Well hello viewers of Spino’s wondrous weekly shenanigans, where today I talk about how I have had more exercise in the past week than in my entire life that I have started to get so tired that I can’t get out of bed the next day. I also have had a slight issue with food… Anyway let’s get back to my life *ahem* I mean my week. Nothing apart from my new victims I mean visitors to ALC have been interesting. Test subject #001 *ahem* I mean Lili has been out of my way (not in any way saying that she is) but hasn’t in any way crossed paths with me in my adventures. By the way “test subject” is only my representation of a new learning experience when talking about people, (laughs nervously) not like I actually experiment on them… Back to the other 3 vic – I mean visitors. Shai is the oldest of the 3 and is the older brother (yes they are all brothers) and from my knowledge is shy. Tal is the middle sibling and is not the tallest. Shai is. Tal is capable of speaking and responding in flying colors in English, although his strong accent makes it at times hard to hear correctly. The youngest one’s name is Jonathin(?). He knows only the important English (yes, no, please, thank you, rhadda rhadda yadda). At check-in-change-up the school discussed our thoughts and feelings on them being official ALC students. We expressed concerns about them not taking full or any advantage of ALC and it’s facilities.

——–Spino Saurus

I Am Not Dead (yet)

The last few weeks have been normal days except for some days where I broke the norm and did something different. I could not tell you the exact details of what happened over the past 3 (4?) weeks. This week was different though because I started to break my shell and grow into a different swing. First off is a bit private but to those ALFS who know what happened they will understand when I say I did the unthinkable. I also went outside I think 4 times in the past week. I think. I have also started to create groups of which to do things with, for instance Xander, Saylor and I play DnD, I will sometimes play Minecraft with Sterling, And I (started) to play Shark Tag. In the process of writing that last sentence alone my keyboard has decided to put at least 12 out of place letters, numbers and even on purpose added words I didn’t put in. When I barely touch the key, sometimes when I don’t even touch them. I told 3 people about an idea I had for a game. And I have allergies that are beating me with an aluminum baseball bat. I hope that I return in good health and that I don’t miss this next Friday before the Friday Scrubber comes and removes Friday from my school day list.

—– Spino Saurus

Perfect Fit

Today I learned that the Metropolitan Transit Authority can not be trusted and are complete slackers. I have found my place in ALC (RE Home Sweet Home?) and I have begun to take part in activities such as Dungeons and Dragons with Xander, Saylor, Ash, Gianna (Jianna?), Zoe(y?), and Mel. I have also taken to doing sourdough but I am not sure if the starter will live long enough to be baked. Still having to deal with Rance but not as much as before…                             I have also taken to putting offerings on the Set The Week but those have slowly been failing. I have learned thanks to my mother that I am not as obnoxious at home as when I went to a normal public school. I hope to finish my dream and get sleep.

On Full Report Order,

Spinx65, a.k.a. Spino Saurus

Home Sweet Home…?

This is week 3 or 4 after my “initiation” of being an ALC kid, and I feel I have found my place. The only thing is that for a while I am bored out of my mind for most of the day until lunch, which is when most of the fun starts. I have and possibly still am experiencing visitors, maybe possible future ALFS, or parents wanting to see what was going on in the school. I have to say thank you to Abby for getting me my MetroCard so I don’t have to pay for my trips anymore. DnD has had some dips and spins, still trying to figure out how to make a game that stays. Apart from that I have to/should bring my phone charger just in case something like Thursday when my phone dropped 80% in who-knows-how-long with no windows open or anything. Ahhg I have to find something to do before sleep boredom sets in. Maybe I should consider my Dad’s thought on making a map and setting a main goal? Oh well.

— Spino Saurus