Corrupted Week

This week was not a fun week. After the first day of fall I got sick with a mysterious disease. Monday I felt it try to immobilize me. That same day we went to the doctor and found out me and my brother had a cold. Strange my body let it in. I couldn’t take anything for it so I got to stay home. Sadly I missed the day Mel wouldn’t be in. Tuesday I found out my brother could take medicine but I couldn’t so that was new. That was also the day I texted Mel from my bed first thing I woke up to let her know I felt like poo. I came in on Thursday completely separated from the flow. Today I found that over the course of this week my body has tried everything it could to knock me out. I ate a huge lunch today, so that should help me sleep. And I have to congratulate me and my mom for binging almost all of the Hunger Games movies. Hope for good things in October.

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