Home Sweet Home…?

This is week 3 or 4 after my “initiation” of being an ALC kid, and I feel I have found my place. The only thing is that for a while I am bored out of my mind for most of the day until lunch, which is when most of the fun starts. I have and possibly still am experiencing visitors, maybe possible future ALFS, or parents wanting to see what was going on in the school. I have to say thank you to Abby for getting me my MetroCard so I don’t have to pay for my trips anymore. DnD has had some dips and spins, still trying to figure out how to make a game that stays. Apart from that I have to/should bring my phone charger just in case something like Thursday when my phone dropped 80% in who-knows-how-long with no windows open or anything. Ahhg I have to find something to do before sleep boredom sets in. Maybe I should consider my Dad’s thought on making a map and setting a main goal? Oh well.

— Spino Saurus

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