Perfect Fit

Today I learned that the Metropolitan Transit Authority can not be trusted and are complete slackers. I have found my place in ALC (RE Home Sweet Home?) and I have begun to take part in activities such as Dungeons and Dragons with Xander, Saylor, Ash, Gianna (Jianna?), Zoe(y?), and Mel. I have also taken to doing sourdough but I am not sure if the starter will live long enough to be baked. Still having to deal with Rance but not as much as before…                             I have also taken to putting offerings on the Set The Week but those have slowly been failing. I have learned thanks to my mother that I am not as obnoxious at home as when I went to a normal public school. I hope to finish my dream and get sleep.

On Full Report Order,

Spinx65, a.k.a. Spino Saurus

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