I Am Not Dead (yet)

The last few weeks have been normal days except for some days where I broke the norm and did something different. I could not tell you the exact details of what happened over the past 3 (4?) weeks. This week was different though because I started to break my shell and grow into a different swing. First off is a bit private but to those ALFS who know what happened they will understand when I say I did the unthinkable. I also went outside I think 4 times in the past week. I think. I have also started to create groups of which to do things with, for instance Xander, Saylor and I play DnD, I will sometimes play Minecraft with Sterling, And I (started) to play Shark Tag. In the process of writing that last sentence alone my keyboard has decided to put at least 12 out of place letters, numbers and even on purpose added words I didn’t put in. When I barely touch the key, sometimes when I don’t even touch them. I told 3 people about an idea I had for a game. And I have allergies that are beating me with an aluminum baseball bat. I hope that I return in good health and that I don’t miss this next Friday before the Friday Scrubber comes and removes Friday from my school day list.

—– Spino Saurus

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