Sleepy McDatemisser

Well hello viewers of Spino’s wondrous weekly shenanigans, where today I talk about how I have had more exercise in the past week than in my entire life that I have started to get so tired that I can’t get out of bed the next day. I also have had a slight issue with food… Anyway let’s get back to my life *ahem* I mean my week. Nothing apart from my new victims I mean visitors to ALC have been interesting. Test subject #001 *ahem* I mean Lili has been out of my way (not in any way saying that she is) but hasn’t in any way crossed paths with me in my adventures. By the way “test subject” is only my representation of a new learning experience when talking about people, (laughs nervously) not like I actually experiment on them… Back to the other 3 vic – I mean visitors. Shai is the oldest of the 3 and is the older brother (yes they are all brothers) and from my knowledge is shy. Tal is the middle sibling and is not the tallest. Shai is. Tal is capable of speaking and responding in flying colors in English, although his strong accent makes it at times hard to hear correctly. The youngest one’s name is Jonathin(?). He knows only the important English (yes, no, please, thank you, rhadda rhadda yadda). At check-in-change-up the school discussed our thoughts and feelings on them being official ALC students. We expressed concerns about them not taking full or any advantage of ALC and it’s facilities.

——–Spino Saurus

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