Thanksgiving Undertaking Complete!!!!!

Ho-ly crap. 5 days of strait cooking and learning how to “cheat” in cooking. My fatigue didn’t help at all (though it barely did any damage) and my hard grandma put some stress on me during this grind. I made a coconut custard, chcocolate creme, green beans (that would make your eyes pop), whipped cream, and a ham. I had fun with a turnip. By fun I meant I got to fight with one. I also had fun with the turkey. Refused to defrost for 2 days and 3 nights. A pan and counter did the trick. I also stuffed the bird. I am smiling. It was fun. I basted and pretty much had Thanksgiving Day as a day off. Good food and good people made the experience. The whole time I had to deal with an antsy dog. Cooking for 5 days strait changed my body temperature so that I can stand cold longer.

———– Spino Saurus

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