Snow And Silence + Shenanigans (Plus My New Kindness)

Well this is new. This week was filled with experiences. Earlier in the week I slid (the supposed past tense of sled) for realzies on a real hill. Demian beat us all by getting the farthes down the hill (Mel got close to passing Demian’s final on her first go (about a sleds distance apart)) joined by Even. Today was a gift to me because even though I suck at fractions (minor *help* there) I would say at least 95% of everyone went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi (copywrited) and the sound of a good 0 decibles was AMAZING. No having to dodge screaming kids. No having to feel very uncomfortable because I can’t find a place to be alone. And yesterday I made a slightly painful hole in my foot that kind of jellied the skin and flesh under the skin while breaking the skin without it bleeding. That was fun. Not hurting at all. (I was being sarcastic on the last part). I fed my Grandma yesterday and found a new pizza slice during a formal-informal pizza dinner. I also shared some kindness with the remnants that didn’t go to the movie.


——– Spino Saurus

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