Santa’s Little Helper + Upcoming Holiday Concerns

Well… This sucks. Today is the end of the last day until the holiday break. This scares me to death. I have never been good with the holidays and have been getting “better” at not turning into a total anxiety overload. *inhales*. *exhales*. I also have been doing myself and others some extra good in the past month, counting the delivery of 100lbs. of LEGO’s, bringing in snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies (requesting subconsciously some luck that Sterling wasn’t in today for fear of nut contamination) and giving my assistance to a fellow New Yorker in getting his extra-large bag that required another person to help get the bag down the dangerous subway stairs into the terminal for the 4,5, and 6 and I guess got karma and got the 4.


———Spino Saurus

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