Birthday Crazies! (and other randomness)

Hallo! This week was completely nuts for me, even for my standards. First was the Winter Break, plus the extra break extension. Over the break I experienced a new level of Cabin Fever (which my brother doesn’t think exist), and a gift that removes the vocal chords for a moment and makes the brain lose it’s dictionary. I got the laptop that I am currently writing this blog on. And my family came together to fledge out the specs required to operate this beautiful piece and best of all, it runs Steam. This may not seem like a big whoop but most laptops fail miserably at running downloadable games. Minecraft is about it. I was so exited to arrive on the first day back that I hyped too much and couldn’t sleep and didn’t come. The second day (Tuesday), I came in all ready to show off my new computer, and I found that Javiar a.k.a. “Harry Potter” (known as by the other older members). It was a blast to be with him for a day. Then came Wednsday. I went to a train show in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Only, it wasn’t a model train show. It was clickbait to get people to come see what you could build with plant parts. I was catfished!! I hate being faked into complete opposites. Then came Thursday. I went to the Prospect Park Ice Skating Rink, But could not fumble so I unfortunately rage quit. I shouldn’t have but it was out of fear. I got embarrassed. Then came today. Today I gamed and messed around. Oh and on Tuesday Javiar helped list my Fallout 4 idea.


——— Spino Saurus

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